Why iOne

The Financial Printing Industry

The financial printing industry is a fast-paced, high-pressure and increasingly competitive industry that caters for the corporate need for legal documents, brochures, annual reports and securities prospectuses for submission to government regulators and dissemination to investors. Our well-tracked record has proven iOne to be the pioneer in the financial printing industry both in Hong Kong and in the Asia Pacific Region.

Over the years, iOne has built a name for itself for its efficient and discreet handling of printing projects that deal with highly sensitive information. We have also won the trust and respect of clients for our dedication to helping them navigate the painstakingly detailed government disclosure process.

In addition to offering competitive printing rates, our extensive collective knowledge and experience of the intricacies of the financial printing business, including the specific details that go into the production of regulator-approved documents, have made us stand out from our competitors. We meet the highest standards demanded by our local, regional and international clients, in terms of quality, accuracy, reliability and quick turnaround.

Our Competitive Advantages:

Multi-Skilled Project Teams
To ensure smooth operation of projects and maintain close communication with clients, iOne deploys a dedicated multi-skilled team to each project, comprised of individuals based in the specific locations in which our clients operate, ensuring familiarity with the regulatory filing requirements in clients markets.

This group is comprised of members of our sales team, who can offer the best possible pre- and post-printing advice that takes into account global financial, business and transactional requirements. For queries and concerns about the document production process, our account services professionals are on hand to assist clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are our clients’ eyes and ears within the company, ensuring that work proceeds smoothly and updating clients on the progress of a given project. Our account services team keeps a vigilant eye on the workflow to ensure that clients’ printing projects meet tight media placement deadlines imposed by HKEx and SFC.
World-Class Award-Winning Design Capability
iOne has an in-house design team that has won a number of prestigious international and local awards for design excellence encompassing the international ARC, Mercury, Galaxy, Astrid and the Hong Kong Printing Award.
High Quality Proofreading & Copywriting Services
We offer high quality proofreading & copywriting services to our clients in various languages.
Rapid and Accurate Translation Capacity
Experienced in-house translators are used for translating documents into any language with remarkable speed and accuracy. Our in-house translators have specialised knowledge of business and financial terminologies, are proficient in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and possess in-depth understanding of both Hong Kong and Mainland China language usages and respective tone specialisations.
Sophisticated Real-Time Bilingual Typesetting System
iOne has invested in a sophisticated real-time bilingual typesetting system that allows our meticulous proofreaders to integrate submitted files into a typeset document that is error-free, regardless of the intricacy of the document design or the complexity of the text.
Secured Virtual Data Room Services (SVDR)
Our virtual data room features a high level of security for the storage and high-speed transfer of confidential information. It is user-friendly, simple to set up, and provides comprehensive support to clients including Q&A and dynamic search functions. Detailed tracking and history reports allow clients to view all the activities of the authorised users. Sophisticated watermarking to show user name, time and date is also a key feature of our virtual data room. It is accessible 24/7 and provides clients a secure platform for collaborating with working parties from around the globe.
Round-The-Clock Virtual Access to Typeset Documents
We offer clients safe, secure and convenient access to typeset documents via our file transfer protocol system (FTP). Uploading and downloading documents is fast , easy and safe via iOne system, enabling close coordination and time-saving online review, feedback, revision and virtual commenting process.
Relaxation Lounge and 14 Conference Room Facilities
Our relaxation lounge is furnished with a wide selection of complimentary snacks and beverages for our clients’ enjoyment, not limited to relaxing in iOne lounge watching television, but surfing the internet, reading a magazine, or getting a massage on one of our massage chairs. Our conference rooms of various sizes are perfect for meetings and project discussions, and provide a comfortable setting for clients to make changes to their documents. Our 14 conference rooms are well outfitted with office equipment. All are available to clients free of charge on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis.
Timely and Accurate E-Submission
We provide timely and accurate e-submission services for our clients. We electronically file documents to HKEx on behalf of our hundreds of clients. We also offer EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval System) submissions for clients who are required by law to file forms with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
Reliable and Efficient Local/Cross-Border Printing & Distribution Network
iOne has a wide and dependable printing and distribution network. We are committed to ensure that end products are swiftly and efficiently delivered to clients and their designated destinations in a timely manner for both local and cross-border capacities.
First-Rate Production Systems
At iOne, our award-winning design team utilizes sophisticated technology of the top three software applications for developing our creative designs including Adobe InDesign, Arbotext A and Xyvision to create customized designs for a wide variety of print publications, which enabling our clients to stand out from the competition.

By using the CTP (computer-to-plate) system, our clients do not have to worry about missing deadlines for filing documents. The high-speed digital system also offers flexibility in managing printing jobs to accommodate last-minute document revisions during the final stages of the printing process.

What Criteria Should Be Used To Select A Financial Printer

Level of Service
Financial printing is a fast-paced, detail-oriented and accuracy-based business. Therefore, nothing short of excellence in terms of level of service is expected of financial printers. Speed is always of the essence, meticulousness and efficiency are expected, and confidentiality reigns supreme.

iOne is the leader and the best financial printers in the industry today. The more than 1000 companies who come to us each year for their printing needs is proof of our sterling reputation, a reputation that is founded on work that meets the highest standards of quality, accuracy and confidentiality.

Our team is professional and dedicated, always willing to assist clients at any time of the day. Always flexible, creative and organized, we strive to provide flawless service to our clients and assist them in overcoming any unforeseen problems that may delay the completion of any given project.
Location and Facilities
Location and facilities should also be considered when choosing a financial printer. Convenient access for clients is important; so are amenities that ensure the effective operation of the working group such as conference rooms, multimedia equipment and Internet connectivity.

iOne’s office is located at the heart of the Hong Kong Central Business District, on the 7th and 12th floors of Wheelock House, 20 Pedder Street, Central. Occupying over 20,000 square feet of space, our office boasts 14 conference rooms with the latest in multimedia and conferencing equipment, as well as high-speed Internet connectivity. 14 fully equipped conference rooms can accommodate up to 200 guests. In addition, the largest conference room can accommodate as many as 50 people at any given time.. Our clients appreciate this proximity, and they often utilise our well-equipped conference rooms to discuss project details with us. When it’s time to take a break, our executive entertainment lounge serves as an excellent venue where our clients can relax.
Keeping costs low is always a top priority for clients. Given that cost-efficiency is deeply rooted in iOne’s corporate culture, our clients are assured of the most competitive rates. We keep track of all expenses incurred and provide insightful cost-saving advice. We work hard to keep costs in check without scrimping on the quality of the final product.
Track Records
A company should always ask a financial printer to provide a list of its most recent projects and its long-standing clients, in order to gauge the quality of the financial printer’s work.

At iOne, this list is readily available to prospective clients. With management experiences since 1980s, iOne has a track record of quality financial printing solution. Recent and long-time clients are included in this list to give our prospective clients an idea of the work we do for companies listed on HKEx and other stock exchanges.