HKIPO Client List

8472         Lapco Holdings Limited
8405         Hang Chi Holdings Limited
0538         Ajisen (China) Holdings Limited
8353         Anacle Systems Limited
0077         AMS Public Transport Holdings Limited
0841         Asia Cassava Resources Holdings Limited
0743         Asia Cement (China) Holdings Corporation
8148         Aurum Pacific(China) Group Limited
1717         Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd
2355         Baoye Group Company Limited
1858         Beijing Chunlizhengda Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.
1000         Beijing Media Corporation Limited
1599         Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Limited
2326         BEP International Holdings Limited
2299         Billion Industrial Holdings Limited
2309         Birmingham International Holdings Limited
1685         Boer Power Holdings Limited
3998         Bosideng International Holdings Limited
1428         Bright Smart Securities & Commodities Group Limited
8320         C. Cheng Holdings Limited
2324         Capital VC Limited
1588         Chanjet Information Technology Company Limited
2289         Chuangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
0951         Chaowei Power Holdings Limited
0449         Chigo Holding Limited
0976         Chiho - Tiande Group Limited
8087         China 33 Media Group Limited
1566         China Animation Characters Company Limited
8321         China Automotive Interior Decoration Holdings Limited
8158         China Bio-Med Regeneration Technology Limited
8206         China Communication Telecom Services Company Limited
0552         China Communications Services Corporation Limited
1006         China Corn Oil Company Limited
1678         China Creative Home Group Limited
0721         China Financial International Investments Limited
0445         China Fire Safety Enterprise Group Holdings Ltd
2039         China International Marine Containers Group Co Ltd
0904         China Green (Holdings) Limited
1887         China New Materials Holdings Limited
1094         China Public Procurement Limited
2198         China Sanjiang Fine Chemicals Company Limited
1668         China South City Holdings Limited
2349         China Water Property Group Limited
3778         China Weaving Materials Holdings Limited
6166         China VAST Industrial Urban Development Company Limited
3899         CIMC Enric Holdings Limited
1883         Citic Telecom International Holdings Limited
3686         Clifford Modern Living Holdings Limited
2302         CNNC International Limited
0400         Cogobuy Group
1778         Colour Life Services Group Co., Limited
2342         Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited
0794         Come Sure Group (Holdings) Limited
8052         Convenience Retail Asia Limited
2298         Cosmo Lady (China) Holdings Company Limited
2228         Costin New Materials Group Limited
8109         Creative Energy Solutions Holdings Ltd
3335         DBA Telecommunication (Asia) Holdings Limited
1388         Embry Holdings Limited
0887         Emperor Watch and Jewellery Limited
2688         ENN Energy Holdings Limited
3333         Evergrande Real Estate Group Limited
0238         Evergreen International Holdings Limited
0117         Eyang Holdings(Group) Co., Limited
1022         Feiyu Technology International Company Ltd
8018         Finsoft Corporation
8123         First China Financial Holdings Ltd
2662         FITTEC International Group Limited
1998         Flyke International Holdings Ltd.
8030         Flying Financial Service Holdings Limited
6189        Guangdong Adway Construction (Group) Holdings Company Limited
1548         Genscript Biotech Corporation
0582         Greenfield Chemical Holdings Ltd
2869         Greentown Service Group Co. Ltd.
1543         Guangdong Join-Share Financing Guarantee Investment Co., Ltd.
8292         HC International, Inc.
1596         Hebei Yichen Industrial Group Corporation Limited
1370         Hengshi Mining Investments Limited
1393         Hidili Industry International Development Limited
8191         Hong Wei (Asia) Holdings Company Limited
0946         Hontex International Holdings Company Limited
0820         HSBC China Dragon Fund
8355         i-Control Holdings Limited
8202         Inno-Tech Holdings Limited
1373         International Housewares Retail Company Limited
0873         International Taifeng Holdings Limited
0982         iOne Holdings Limited
0929         IPE Group Limited
2633        Jacobson Pharma Corporation Limited
8133        Jete Power Holdings Limited
2768         Jiayuan International Group Limited
8045         Jiangsu Nandasoft Technology Company Limited
1329         Juda International Holdings Limited
1638         Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd
6822         King’s Flair International (Holdings) Limited
0268         Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited
2266         Kosmopolito Hotels International Limited
0558         L.K. Technology Holdings Limited
1533         Lanzhou Zhuangyuan Pasture Co., Ltd.
1499         LEAP Holdings Group Limited
0842         Leoch International Technology Limited
1212         Lifestyle International Holdings Ltd
2005         Lijun International Pharmaceutical (Holding) Co., Ltd.
8037         Longlife Group Holdings Limited
0309         Lo's Enviro-Pro Holdings Limited
2362         Macau Investment Holdings Limited
0459         Midland Holdings Limited
1213         Mobicon Group Limited
0130         Moiselle International Holdings Ltd
8256         Netel Technology (Holdings) Limited
0825         New World Department Store China Limited
1231         Newton Resources Ltd
1316         Nexteer Automotive Group Limited
0475         Noble Jewelry Holdings Limited
1382         Pacific Textiles Holdings Limited
8173         Pan Asia Mining Limited
0331         PCD Stores (Group) Limited
1968         Peak Sport Products Co., Limited
8248         Perception Digital Holdings Limited
3326         Perfect Group International Holdings Limited
574           Pa Shun Pharmaceutical International Holdings Limited
0221         PNG Resources Holdings Limited
8011         Polyard Petroleum International Group Limited
3813         Pou Sheng International(Holdings) Limited
1238         Powerlong Real Estate Holdings Limited
8201         PPS International (Holdings) Limited
3868         Qunxing Paper Holdings Company Limited
0802         RCG Holdings Limited
0246         Real Gold Mining Limited
0550         Recruit Holdings Limited
2199         Regina Miracle International (Holdings) Limited
1387         Renhe Commercial Holdings Company Limited
8075         Rojam Entertainment Holdings Ltd
8082         Sage International Group Limited
3938         Samling Global Limited
8253         Sanmenxia Tianyuan Aluminum Company Limited
2727         Shanghai Electric Group Company Limited
8205         Shanghai Jiaoda Withub Information Industrial Company Limited
8115         Shanghai Qingpu Fire-Fighting Equipment Co Ltd
8251         Shanghai Tonva Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
0829         Shenguan Holdings Limited
8329         Shenzhen Neptunus Interlong Bio-technique Company Limited
1142         Siberian Mining Group Company Limited
1863         Sijia group Company Limited
0444         Sincere Watch (Hong Kong) Limited
6833         Sinco Pharmaceuticals Holdings Limited
8065         Sino Haijing Holdings Limited
0223         Sino Resources Group Limited
8296         Sino-Life Group Limited
1023         Sitoy Group Holdings Limited
0757         Solargiga Energy Holdings Limited
8111         Soluteck Holdings Limited
0337         SPG Land (Holdings) Limited
0912         Suga International Holdings Ltd
1568         Sundart Holdings Limited
1771         Sunfonda Group Holdings Limited
2382         Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Company Limited
0573         Tao Heung Holdings Limited
3823         Tech Pro Technology Development Limited
1979         Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited
1143         Telefield International (Holdings) Limited
2678         Texhong Textile Group Limited
1389         The Ming An(Holdings) Company Limited
0609         Tiande Chemical Holdings Limited
8348         Tianjin Binhai Teda Logistics (Group) Corporation Limited
0819         Tianneng Power International Limited
3688         Top Spring International Holdings Limited
1083         Towngas China Company Limited
0206         TSC Offshore Group Limited
8147         Tung Shing Fire Services Technology Holdings Limited
8229         Tungda Innovative Lighting Holdings Ltd
1026         Universal Technologies Holdings Limited
8079         Unlimited Creativity Holdings Limited
0821         Value Convergence Holdings Limited
0422         Vietnam Manufacturing and Export Processing Holdings Limited
8340         Vinco Financial Group Limited
1565         Virscend Education Company Limited
1164         Vital Group Holdings Limited
6133         Vital Mobile Holdings Limited
1178         Vitop Bioenergy Holdings Limited
1305         Wai Chi Holdings Company Limited
0607         Warderly International Holdings Limited
6838         Winox Holdings Limited
0098         Xingfa Aluminium Holdings Limited
0811         Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media Co., Ltd
1266         Xiwang Special Steel Company Limited
2088         Xiwang Sugar Holdings Company Limited
1585         Yadea Group Holdings Ltd
1662         Yee Hop Holdings Limited
2789         Yuanda China Holdings Limited
0564         Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Company Limited
0881         Zhongsheng Group Holdings Limited